I have been absent from my blogs lately as I was quite busy with work and with my latest purchases. Just several days ago, I bought the Xbox 360 Kinect and since then, it has occupied my previously lazy free time. I also found a new and effective way to sweat since my home gym wasn’t that effective, though it is my fault, but with Kinect games, I am able to exercise and enjoy at the same time.

I’ve played several Kinect games and Arcade games in my Xbox and with the free one month Xbox Gold membership, I am able to try demo games. I’ll blog about some of those games later, if I get break time from playing ¬†:p

By the way, today, I received an email about the new Xbox 360 Update which includes new entertainment options and with more use of Kinect and less of the controller. It also promises movie viewing, though I haven’t know yet. Microsoft is supposed to release the update today, December 6 however there has been some delay. According to a tweet of Larry Hyrb from Microsoft, they are still working on the release and may take several hours.

I can’t wait to update my Xbox 360 as soon as they release and see what’s new there. Will write about it after I have it. ¬†That’s all for now…

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