I love watching movies from Bollywood to Hollywood to other international movies. If I would be given a chance to connect to people for a WeChat, I know that this would be a difficult task to choose the who’s who, however, the following people will definitely in my list. I love to express my respect and admiration to best director in India, Satyajit Ray, and also to the versatile actor, Amitabh Bachchan. I also have strings of questions for Rowan Atkinson, specially for his Bean character, and also would like to meet, even just online, the lovely and beautiful, Audrey Hepburn. I’m also in awe to the samurai skills of Zatoichi, so Japanese actor Shintaro Katsu will also be part of the group chat.

satyajit ray-amitabh


mr bean-tile

Having these people in group chat, I am sure that it would be an interesting  and I know that it would fuel my being movie fanatic more. Specially with WeChat, I would be able to chat with them anytime, anywhere just by downloading the WeChat apps to my mobile phone for free. I know that Audrey Hepburn would be delighted to see this kind of technology today which was lacking during her days. However, I am quite skeptic of  what would be Shintaro Katsu’s thoughts of this since he was quite an old fashion guy. I know Mr. Bean would be surely excited, as well as Satyajit Ray, I’m even thinking that he would have wished that apps like WeChat existed in his directing days, it could have made making movies easier for him. As for Mr. Bachchan, he’s very updated in social network, I guess he’s already have WeChat on his mobile phone.

Well, here’s hoping that though some of these movie personalities are now impossible to reach even by chat, I hope that one day, I’ll receive an invite for a WeChat in my mobile phone from one of the people above 🙂

For the meantime, I’ll watch this video to check more on  the features of WeChat: WeChat India

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