Fashion is like surfing in the ocean, you have to be vigilant all the time to catch the best wave and go with its flow. What people perceive about fashion is just the clothes but what makes the clothes stand out is the personality that is wearing it. Always remember that fashion is who you are, it is the entire package and not just the clothes or the shoes. When you look at the most fashionable person they are prim and proper in whatever dimension you choose to look at them.

Following the trend is one thing but making a trend is another aspect of the fashion world. One can look into scores of fashion magazine available in the market and look at the various products but there are those who rewrite them and from their own path. Those people are always on top of the fashion world and are always looked upon by awe-struck admirers all over the world. Of course these people have great taste, when talking about taste how can one leave the finest scotch brand, Black Dog Scotch, behind. Black Dog Scotch is basically a fashionista too, just look at the beautiful bottles of these luxurious scotch and you’ll think of the models in the catwalk.

black dog triple gold reserveBeing fashionable or stylish is never complete until you have the right drink in your hand. There is a famous saying that “what you eat is what you are”. This includes the drink you have. To be a fashion icon is to have the finest choice and make an example that people look up to. This is certainly true for Black Dog Scotch which accentuates the person who is consuming it, specially with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process. The triple maturation process which involves Grain whiskies and Malt whiskies separately matured in American Bourbon Casks and then blended together and matured again in Oloroso Sherry Butts for an extra longer period of time to give the blend a distinctive flavour and a delicate finish. And for sure, a person who cares for his or her apparels also do care about what he/she drinks. When one is dressed up, the mood is turned to a higher level which must be equalled by a luxurious drink, BD Triple Gold Reserve, on the rocks or cocktail perhaps.

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