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I received a new book, Toke by Jugal Mody from Harper Collins 3 weeks ago, and though I’ve been wanting to post the review of Toke, it seems that I couldn’t finish reading this book. I am the kind of person who doesn’t drop the book unless I’m done reading it, but in Toke’s case, it took me so long to finish reading it, although it only has 215 pages.

Toke, the first book written by Jugal Mody is about marijuana-stoned heroes with Japanese anime-like girls character, plus Vishnu, zombie, and world apocalypse. Nikhil, the main protagonist in the story, was joined by two stoner friends from college, another two colleagues from his work, one a nerd guy who’s always behind his “behind”, and another a typical Indian girl who’s his love interest, and two Japanese girls, whose description was of the Japanese anime character with talents in fighting and sword-handling. The group raced against time to save the world from maggots that turn all humankind into zombies and skies into a green. Vishnu played the great role of choosing these “stoners” to save the world with the special appearance of Green Day’s lead singer. All characters and even Lord Vishnu were all stoned in this story at one point or another, and the pot (marijuana, and in the story, the characters strongly disagree with calling it a “drug”) was used as the vehicle to contact Vishnu and fight the zombie-causing-virus.

In my opinion, Toke should not have been published as a paperback, but instead, it should have been turned into comics. The story, the language use, and the manner how the author describes each character and events, especially the fight scenes are more appropriate if this has become a comic book than a paperback. For many days, it has been a torture for me to continue reading this book, and if I did not commit to reviewing this book, I would for sure not read this after reading the synopsis. Just after reading 3 pages of the book, I know that I won’t be giving it a positive review, but keeping in mind not to judge the book by its cover, I continue reading hoping that maybe in the middle of the story, my interest would peak, however, it failed to do so. The story was dragging on up to the point that I couldn’t understand what was I reading anymore. In the end, I just felt that I wasted my time reading Toke, but if this is turned into a graphic novel, my review would have been different.





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