Sea foods are considered to be the most luxurious of all food choices around the world. It is considered to be most expensive of them all, because of the difficulty and maintenance cost. It is imperative that one has to taste the world class cuisine with the premium brand of Scotch. It would come as a surprise to everyone that Black Dog is named after a fishing fly used in the fishing sport named Angling. This proves that Black Dog Scotch is meant to be paired up the exotic sea food that is to be served fresh from the catch.

smoked-salmon-300x138black dog triple gold reserveSmoked Salmon is a delicacy suited to go along the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process. To prepare this dish the fresh salmon is made into fillet that has been cured with hot smoke or a cold smoke. This rare delicacy goes exceptionally well with the glass of BD Triple Gold Reserve, the sweet whispers of caramelized peaches and vanilla add to the complexity of wood elements, perfect to the aroma of smoked salmon and its sweetness. Because of its expense and rarity it is a feast to be held upon. The fish with its slightly smoky flavor due to the smoke treatment goes hand in hand with the oak flavor of the scotch which spent years in the oak barrel. This popular dish is either eaten with bread or as an appetizer. It tastes exceptionally well with other dishes like salads or scrambled eggs.

grilled-lobsterGrilled Lobster is another sea food delicacy which goes exceptionally well with a glass of Scotch. Through the recipe is simple, this delicacy is known for its mouth watering flavor and melting taste. Here the lobster is cooked on a charcoal grill with just a dash of butter. This dish taste very well with the smooth taste of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve plus the enchanting antique gold, and the atmosphere.

Imagine yourself relaxing on a sea food resort or a boat having a glass of scotch and one of these dishes to savor. The thought itself is enough to relax you but the experience is sure to blow your mind.

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