A spa resort is the perfect place to escape from the harsh reality of your everyday life. They revive, rejuvenate and refresh your body and mind from its stressful state. There are many different types of spa around the world that offer various treatments. A typical spa resort situated midst an organic farm or near ocean that offers a breathtaking view with luxurious room and exotic cuisine with massages that heal your body internally. They may or may not offer yoga or exercise classes in addition to the treatment.

beachSpas have long been known as a romantic destination for couples of all ages to spend time together. The baths with floating petals and candle lights together create the magic around the couple, encasing them and helping them to enjoy themselves. The cool air of ski resorts in Switzerland and crisp ocean waves of Kerala enhances the magic further and give the customer a complete satisfaction.

black dog triple gold reserveAnd while away from the busy life in the city, indulge in the luxury these places offer. Feast on the scrumptious and delicious food and drown on the finest liquors their bars offer, including a wide array of Black Dog Scotch. Take advantage of the world class chef and order the most extravagant dish he has ever cooked. Explore on different tastes of exotic appetizers, luxuriate on the delicious mains, and gratify to the rich, sinful desserts, perhaps a creme brulee. Do not worry on extra calories but just give in to the cravings of your palate. And after that, enjoy the liquors that will soothe your thirst. Quench on different cocktails, be adventurous and try drinks which name you cannot pronounce.

And when you seem feel satisfied, retire to the comfort of your room, filled with floral aroma, lighted with soothing candles, with a calming view. Sit in the corner of your private balcony, and watch the moon, as you sip your last drink of the day, the Black Dog Scotch Triple Gold Reserve, the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process, with an enchanting antique gold colour and lovely balance of matured wood and rich malt aroma plus an elegant wood flavours that caress the palate.

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