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Few days ago, Google launched its voice search on desktop. That means if you have your mic connected to your pc, you can search in Google by just uttering the word you want to search and instantly, search results will be shown. Just on the right side of the search box is the microphone icon. Try it now at google.com

I think this is the first time that Google commissioned someone to do their doodle. Today’s doodle is the first day of summer, well, it’s not really the first day of summer, specially if you live in India, it’s the summer solstice. This is the day when the daylight is the longest in the year. This happens when the earth inclined towards the sun, at its maximum of 23° 26′.

Today’s doodle is made by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. He works in both fine arts media—such as painting—as well as digital and commercial media. Just one look at today’s doodle, I was able to recognize that the artist is a Japanese as the doodle resembles the Japanese’s cartoons.

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