I have been here in Jerusalem for several times, and although my social life is restricted specially during Shabbat day, I have never got tired of this place. It always has something to offer that you cannot just resist, and those are the little things of comfort and entertainment.

israel-apartmentLike this apartment, which has become my humble abode for several months.

israeli-street-singerOr this street singer in the market of Jerusalem, whom the children and adult like me are captivated by his music.

Jerusalem has still lots to offer, and for me to discover.

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4 Comments on Sharing Jerusalem

  1. Larry Lewis says:

    Jerusalem is an unbelievable place. Such a mix of cultures, so full of history. I have been to I srael many times. My daughter will be there this summer in a group, she can’t wait.

  2. Your post reminded me of my mom’s dream – to be able to do a pilgrimage in Jerusalem along with her sisters. Hopefully soon…Thanks for sharing Jerusalem 🙂

  3. wintergurl says:

    I never imagine how Jerusalem looks like. anyway thx for sharing this sweet photo . The place looks nice and friendly . As a christian i really wish can visit the history place one day

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