cashew fruit

cashew fruits

Having lived in the city of Kolkata, I am one of the unlucky ones who are ignorant of how some fruits and plants look like. One of these unfamiliar to me was cashew, but not now.

I know cashew as a nut, but not as a fruit. So when I went to Goa and had a cashew feni, I was curious how a cashew becomes an alcoholic drink. With some googling on the net, I saw that cashew is actually a fruit, and not only a nut. I saw pictures of cashew fruits, its apple and the nut. I was surprise to see that each fruit has one seed only, imagine how many cashew fruits are needed for a kilo of cashew nuts? No wonder cashew nuts are expensive.

Well, the day had come when I was able to see personally how the cashew looked like. While I was searching for a good garage to have my car converted from petrol to lpg, I visited a garage where there were several trees of mangoes and cashew. At first I didn’t realized that the fruit on the ground was cashew until I saw the seed, which was detached from the cashew apple. I put my embarrassment aside and collected  a couple of cashew fruits from the ground. They were so ripe that they fell on the ground.

If you are wondering about the taste, I cannot tell you because it was on the ground so it’s dirty and it was overripe, however I can tell the smell. Cashew apple smells so sweet and tangy. It’s smell is over powering and too strong. After I reached my house, I immediately took several photos of it and threw the fruit because the smell was invading my house. I saved the seeds though and it’s still on the table until now, still hard as a stone.

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10 Comments on Seeing Cashew Apple for the First Time?!

  1. umihoney says:

    The taste is sweet with slight bitter. Juicy too. The ripe ones are edible the slightly ripe can be cooked in curry or raw as salad. As for the seeds, we have to roast them, until its burnt. What my mum did was to roast them with coarse sand .Crack it open to reveal the nut inside.

    You have a nice blog here. Take care

  2. Reiki says:

    You should have not thrown but instead try to taste the fruit… it’s actually juicy and sweet – make sure it’s ripe.

    the seed, yes you need to roast them on fire, then crack and eat the nut.

  3. Geri says:

    I never knew that the cashew was also a fruit..thanks for sharing

  4. ferry'zHOME says:

    yay!! ako din ignorante dyan!!! hihi looks delicious indeed!! I also want to see that!! hihi

  5. Cashew fruit I have to say, it’s a new one for me, thanks for sharing.

  6. Shengkayful says:

    saw cashew before but not apple cashew..
    how do it taste kaya?
    adgitixing here also..

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