While searching online for places to eat and hang out in Bangalore that are pet-friendly, I found a cafe called, Rasta Rasta or Rasta Cafe. Rasta Cafe is open 24 hours, 6 days a week with a vast place for dining, hookah, wall climbing, running, jumping, and playing with their resident pets.

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When I found this place on the net, I immediately called to verify if they allow pets, and I was more than glad to hear that my two four-legged babies have a new place to hang-out. I took my Husky and Labrador on Sunday and we were greeted by a friendly staff, who introduced us to their own dogs, Benjamin, a Saint Bernard (I think?), and a Basset Hound, whose name I forgot (sorry..). To avoid any unfriendly barking since I brought my pets, they were kept in their house (a really big one, I say).

Rasta Cafe has a vast green lawn which my pets loved, they tirelessly ran and sniffed all over the place, searching for I don’t even know (haha!) Since I have my puppies, I seated outside, and it was afternoon so the trees provided just enough shade. The menu was a typical bar food with pizza, burger, steak, and fries. Hookah was also served with a rich variety of flavors. I ordered lamb burger with chips, and a mint-flavored hookah with a complimentary fries and cappuccino. The food was just okay, 5 out of 10, but I have no complains since not always I can bring my pets to any cafe or restaurants.


Rasta Cafe is located in between Mysore and Bangalore along Mysore road. If you are travelling from Mysore, it’s on the left side, just look for a Rasta Rasta sign with Bob Marley

I will definitely come back again to Rasta Cafe, maybe next trip will be on my Husky’s birthday…? Yeah, or maybe earlier..

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