deartz deartz on July 7th, 2016

One day in a park, a parent approached and asked for my kid’s name and age. After answering her, I asked her the same question and found out that her kid was the same age as mine. Usually, park conversations between parents end with the name and age of the child, however, this time, that parent extended the usual conversation by expressing her unwanted comment about my child’s weight and height. Feeling hurt and unease, I only smiled and moved to another part of the park. Another time, during one of their usual twice-a-year-visit, my in-laws, talking in their local dialect (perhaps intending to spare my feelings), moaned about how their grandchild is so thin, so small. I wanted to defend myself as the parent, but of course, though my pride is wounded, I kept my argument to myself.

It is very disturbing for a parent to be always at the receiving end of unsolicited comments, observations, and advice with regards to his kid, specially when that parent does and gives all he could to make his kid as healthy looking as he can be, but to no avail his child still looks like a year or two younger/smaller than his age. Though for a grownup, looking younger than his age is a good thing but for a child, his physical attributes, height and weight, must equate to his age. There are many parents in the country who share the same anxiety about their children. They’re always looking for ways on how their children catch up on lost growth.

If the child falls behind on growth, it can affect his performance in school, sports, and daily life activities. Once I saw a 9-year old kid who played good basketball, but the only problem was that he never scored. He was good in dribbling the ball from on side of the court to another, and even great in stealing the ball from the opponent’s hand, but when it came to shooting the ball to the ring, his reach was always short, so he would always pass the ball to his teammate to shoot the ball. If only he was a couple inches taller, he would have scored a ton and be the hero if his team, if only. Falling behind on growth also affects the child’s confidence, that’s because his height and weight are always noticed by relatives, friends, and even strangers. Taller and bigger kids are usually dauntless because they are confident that they are capable to do physical activities .

I know that parents with the same trouble like mine continue searching for ways on making their kids catch up on lost growth, that’s based on many internet articles and parenting forums I’ve read and visited. Just like me, it seemed that they also did and give everything they thought would help their kids become taller and bigger, but with no satisfying results.

Recently, Horlicks introduced Horlicks Growth+, a specialized nutrition product for 3-9 year old kids who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It claimed to have been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months.

For a concerned parent like me who only wants to have his child lead a healthy and balanced life, Horlicks Growth+ offers hope, a hope that maybe the next time his grannies visit, instead of grumbling about their grandchild’s weight, they’ll be cheering for him on the hoops.

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deartz deartz on May 14th, 2016

I’ve travelled to many places but most of the time they’re work-related travels, and though I tried to mix business with pleasure, it’s hard to fully enjoy the place and the experience because of the workload and lack of companion. So, if I’ll be given an opportunity in the future to have the time and resources, I would like to bring my entire family to the place where I think all of us will enjoy most. I’ll need to make sure that I cover everything, from choosing the international airlines to arranging the accommodation to planning the itinerary. Of all the places that I’ve been to, I’d like to go back to France with my whole family. When I was in France several years ago, I’d visited several places and saw some sights. I know that my family will love to visit and see them.

I think a perfect vacation begins with the perfect reveal. I’ll surprise my family with tickets of Air France Airlines. I’ll just hope that my timing is perfect and that they’ll drop everything on their plate for this vacation to happen. Usually, when the entire family goes for a vacation, it is a chaotic event, a usual recurrence when there are many people in the group, though it is always a nostalgia to remember. So this time I’ll try to lighten everyone’s burden so that there will be no forgotten keys nor unnecessary arguments. How I’ll do this will definitely be a big challenge for me.

Eiffel TowerMy family is a big art lover, so once in France, several visits to museums are a must. Based on my experience, I’ll arrange for the museum pass early on to avoid inconvenience. I’ll try to avoid bringing them to crowded, common tourist attractions, but I know they’ll object if we skip the Eiffel tower. I like the public transport in Paris, it’s incomparable to India, so perhaps I’ll also take them to different parts of Paris via subway. And while we’re at it, shopping must be on the list too. Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world and home to several famous designers, so I’m sure that the women in the family will go gaga, I’ll just hope that they’ll not burn my pocket 😀

When I was in France, I saw how the French spend their free time. One of the memorable images in my mind was the two elderly men sitting on the balcony with glasses of wine in hand while the rain pours. It really etched my memory and made me crave to have the same experience. That scene loudly spoke to me and showed me how I would want to spend my spare time. I want my family to see and experience the same, so perhaps by seeing first-hand, they’ll be encouraged to let life set loose from time to time. And of course, that includes enjoying good food and wine, along with the company of all the dear ones in my life.

So, with all things planned, I set my goal on fulfilling them. For when I’ll achieve this perfect Yatra, only God will tell. I’ll just hope that it won’t be too long and too late. For now, I’ll give them a small vacation treat as a start. Time to pack the bags, load the car, and go on a Yatra.

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