deartz on November 4th, 2014

japan habba 2014 bangalore india japan habba 2014 daruma

Last February (I know, this post is soooo late :p), I attended the Japan Habba 2014 held her in Bangalore. It was their second year of organising this event. I spent half of my day taking a glimpse of the Japanese culture through Daruma, Ikebana, Manga, Origami, though I missed the Kimono trials, aikido, kathak, and Hiragana writing tutorials. And also, I missed the Japanese food served in the food court, there was only one food stall that served Japanese food and when I arrived, the food was over and they were only serving lime soda, so I didn’t have any choice but to suffice with the hakka noodles. Anyways, I was busy admiring the Manga costumes worn by many participants, and I thoroughly enjoy clicking pictures of them as they get into their character.

The Japan Habba was a showcase of the Indo – Japan cultural exchange, and oh, boy, there was truly an exchange of cultures as the Japanese participants danced to Bollywood songs and Indian participants sang Japanese songs. It was a half-day well spent and unlike other events I attended, this one I have no regrets even though it was miiiileeeees away from my place. Looking forward for next Japan Habba, hopefully next time there will be lots of Japanese food :)

Here are some of the snaps from Japan Habba 2014:

japan habba india 2014 manga japan habba 2014 manga japan habba ikebana
japan habba 2014 book fairjapan habba 2014 origami

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deartz on November 1st, 2014

How does one do a relaxation all week?  Not too many things can come to one’s mind, but for sure, one can do his relaxation in the comfort of one’s home or nearby bar on weeknights alone and on the company of friends in an out of town on weekends. Is there such a word, “relax-scotch-iation”? Maybe there is :p and that is the best way to relax on both weekdays and weekends.

black dog triple gold reserveIn order to relax, order a bottle of this fine scotch, any variant of Black Dog scotch, or better yet, the Triple Gold Reserve, and let your hair down. Enjoy the glamorous environment surrounding you: the beautiful architecture and furniture, marvel at the long queues of the best brands of alcohol behind the counter and the best whisky in your hand.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve would make you feel as if the whole world was yours. It wouldn’t only taste so divinely delicious, but it would make you feel more confident. In addition to that, other people would notice you – you would attract them. Is there any kind of guy who looks more suave and attractive than a man in a nice suit having a glass of wonderful golden whiskey? Not really. So, if you’d like to have a wonderful and luxurious night, drink a bottle of this fine scotch, enjoying every sip of it – and don’t be shy to flirt with that beautiful girl next to you. Or, if you aren’t interested in picking up ladies, just relax, and listen to the soothing lounge music or that amazing dixieland band playing. Whatever kind of music you are listening to, it’s always better when you have a glass of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, enjoying the only blended scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process, unique from the other variants of scotch.

Disclaimer: The content of this post is intended for readers 25 years old and above.

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