This is Luna, my Siberian Husky puppy. She was just 45 days old when I got her.


She has the lovely blue-colored eyes. She was so small when I first saw her that she had fit into a small basket.

She was tired from all the travelling from Mumbai to Bangalore but when she saw me open the basket, she immediately lifted her paws and climbed out of the basket and she just licked my hands. That same day, after a long search of siberian husky puppy, I know I found her and so, I decided to bring her home, and she is just an exciting pup with full of personality.

And of course, I couldn’t help myself taking pictures of her doing every thing, even when she sleeps. Here are some of her pictures:




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5 Comments on My Siberian Husky Puppy: 45 days old

  1. Angry Birds PC says:

    it’s a beautiful dog 😉 i like Siberian Husky

  2. Jullyana says:

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