bacardi-breezer-blackberry-crushWhen there’s a party, it’s only fitting to have good food and good drinks. And when it comes to drinks, Bacardi Breezer is the wholesomest alcoholic drink that everyone in the drinking age will drink. Why I said that is because most of us have their favored drink, like wine or whisky or rum, but when we attend or host a party, it’s best to serve a drink that every one drinks, and that’s for sure is the Breezer.

Bacardi Breezer has now 6 awesome flavours, but my favourite is the Breezer Blackberry Crush. I like the colour as it doesn’t look so girly. I think it looks cool in the tall glass but I’m pretty much happy having it in its bottle. What I like most is the taste, it totally captured the blackberry taste: tangy, citrusy, and sweet. Every time I have Breezer Blackberry Crush, I always wonder whether my tongue and lips will turn purple, but of course not, silly me! So, the next time you’re in a party mood, #CatchTheFlavour of Breezer Blackberry Crush and I’m sure you’ll do wonder if your tongue will turn purple too :p

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