The Mathsya Mela 2011 at the Palace Grounds, Bangalore

Saturday was an exciting day for me, it was the day that I planned to attend the first Mathsya Mela here in Bangalore. In preparation for this, I already built a 25-gallon tank for the fish that I may buy in the fish festival. Before I left home, I made the aquarium ready, filled with water, filter running, and heater switched on.

The huge food court at the Mathsya Mela 2011

It was past noon when I reached the Palace Ground, it was the venue for the 4-day fish festival event. I have wrote about this upcoming mela in my aquarium blog. I was hungry already and it was perfect timing as I entered in the huge food court. There were so many people, everybody was busy, bumping elbow-to-elbow just to order the seafood that they want. There were so many food stalls that offered different varieties of fish dishes. The air was filled of smell of spices and sweet-smelling fish aroma. It felt like  I was nearby the sea. I fed myself with fish biryani, fried seer fish, and fried prawn. I felt satisfied after indulging in the feast, but I vowed to return for more later in that day.

The booth of Karnataka Cooperative

After feeding my hungry stomach, I went to the displays of different fish varieties, equipments, and other stuffs. It seemed that everything related to fish and water were present at that time. There were hundred of stalls featuring different kinds of products and services. There was also the display of different kinds and varieties of freshwater and marine fish. Everybody from the public and private sector joined and owned stalls to show their products to the public, and the public was very eager to explore them. From infants to oldies, everyone was present.

I bought some stuffs for my newly-built aquarium, and before I left the place, I again returned to the food court and had a crab and breaded prawn again. This is the first time I attended the Mathsya Mela, and I promised to return next year, and I promise to post more photos from the Mathsya Mela 2011 here and more of the fish photos from the event’s exhibit in my aquarium blog.

Fishing gears and equipments were being sold in the event.

A rope of mussel was also on a display for visitors.

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  1. I too visited the mela and had a nice surmai at KF Stall

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