Since I am new in blogging, and of course this blog is new also, I would like to have many people visit and know my blog. The main aim of blogging is that someone could read what your ramblings are, and writing without reader is lonely, right?

So, to introduce my blog to the blogging community and to gain visitors and readers, I joined CMF Ads. CMF Ads is an ad network specially designed for bloggers. The founders are all bloggers so they know what a blogger would want.


In CMF Ads, you can advertise your blog at a fraction of cost or almost for free. You can advertise through Network Ads where the advertiser can buy an ad to be shown on the blogs registered in CMF Ads. The ad will run until it reaches its total number of impressions. There is also the Campaign Ads which cost is the price of the blog owner’s quote. Another is the spikes that for as low as 10 cents your blog can have 25 visitors.

You can also be the publisher and earn money in CMF Ads, though the earnings is not much, it is also enough to buy some clicks and ad spots. I clicked spikes for few days and when my earnings reached 10 cents, which I used to buy spikes. As a publisher, I put a CMF Ads widget on the sidebar of this blog, so Network Ads will be shown there and I will get an advertisement share for the ads shown in my blog.

CMF Ads is not only an ad network. It is also a bloggers’ community. Members can chat and participate in forum. I think joining CMF Ads is a good step in increasing my blog’s traffic. If you’d like to join, just click here.

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2 Comments on My Blog Joins CMF Ads

  1. Hello! Happy to see you using CMF ads. I think you will be happy with them. Very affordable too. BTW, that full moon did look very large didn’t it? My husband saw it one morning just before it set and he said it was awesome.

    • Amartya says:

      Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by my blog. You are my first commenter 🙂
      yes, i am always excited visiting CMF ads, advertising is cheap and traffic is real. And yes, that full moon was really quite big, I was quite surprised because the next night, there was no moon at all. It’s awesome to see what the stars and moon can show you.

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