Adgitize your web site. I see Adgitize in most of the blogs I visited while clicking spikes in CMF Ads, so I decided to check it out. From what I found out, Adgitize is like CMF Ads however the publishers in Adgitize can also earn by posting in their own blogs, in forum, and clicking ads. The advertising fee is $14 per month. It is more expensive than CMF Ads but from what I read from the forum, members claim that they can earn back the advertising fee by being a publisher. They also claim that the traffic that Adgitize brought to their blogs increased their Alexa rank, which I think is good.

I joined today in Adgitize and I applied as free preferred publisher. As preferred publisher, I need to click at least 300 ads per week, in return, my blog will be listed in preferred blogs where the bloggers can see and click. It will generate free traffic. I am hoping that Adgitize will bring at least some traffic to my blog as preferred publisher. I hope my application will be approved.

UPDATE: 01/27/2010
My blog is not a Preferred Publisher in adgitize. You can now see the Adgitize widget in the sidebar of this blog.

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