Since living in Bangalore, I’ve moved house almost half a dozen times, and each time it’s getting more and more difficult due to bigger and heavier luggage and stuffs I buy. Recently, I moved again to another rented house, this time bigger than the previous one, just like my previous transfers. Usually, I would pack my own luggage weeks before the move, however this time, I was quite busy with meeting the family, holidays, and work, so I decided to use the service of packers and movers for the first time. I found Asian Packers and Movers and gave them a call. A representative from Asian Packers and Movers visited my house one day before the move and checked on things to be packed and moved. He gave me an estimate cost of the packing and moving, it was quite expensive than I expected but then I didn’t have time to do the packing on my own.

On the day of the move, the men from Asian Packers and Movers arrived 30 mins late from the agreed time, but as soon as they arrived, they started packing everything they see. After 4 hours, they’ve loaded and unloaded my things from the old house to the new house. I paid them, and off they go.

Now, in between the packing and moving, there were some snafu that made my move stressful, so as I list them one by one, hope I’ll be able to give you some helpful advice too:

1. Packers do not care for your things, so while they’re packing, follow them and instruct on what kind of packaging your stuffs should have, for e.g., bubble wrap, newspaper, boxes

2. I lost a Rs30,000-check which was with some bunch of papers in the cabinet, luckily, I was able to cancel it immediately. So, before the packers arrive, make sure that all valuables: jewelry, cash, checks, credit cards, are all packed and stashed in your hand bag.

3. The Packers just stashed everything in a box, the sauces were with washing powder, some food items were in the garbage bin, it seemed that these people didn’t have common sense. So, as in number 1, follow them and always give instructions.

4. My marble-top center table’s leg was broken. For every furniture they lift, always tell them to be careful and always keep an eye on them.

5. While unloading, I asked them to unpack the boxes, they said that it’s not included. So, when you had an estimate, ask the guy to write that down on the estimate, including the number of floors, hours, and distance so that those packers won’t be complaining that they are doing things not included in the list.

If you’ll ask me if I’ll use movers and packers service next time, I don’t think so. The stress I’ve gone through was more than if I packed my stuffs on my own. I guess I’ll just have to pack earlier next time.

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  2. John says:

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