I know that fast food is not good for health but sometimes a trip to Mc Donalds is necessary specially at late night. There’s a nearby Mc Donald’s in HSR, just opposite of BDA Complex, and it’s along the way to my place. The place is two-storey and the first floor’s interior is good.

I’ve been a fan of Mc Spicy chicken since it was introduced, it’s a fried breaded breast piece of chicken sandwiched in a sesame bun with iceberg lettuce and mayonaise. A visit to Mc Donald’s means a Mc Spicy chicken meal, though I don’t like the french fries because in this branch, Mc Donald’s HSR Layout, the fries are always salty. I feel that the crew are so eager to sprinkle salt on the fries, compared to other Mc Donald’s branches, it is really saltier. I tried once telling the crew to put just a little salt but it was no use. I think one day I need to seek for the manager and ask him/her to eat one serving of their fries. Hmm.. Am I complaining much?

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3 Comments on McSpicy at McDonalds

  1. Chintan says:

    aww! I lovee Paneer salsa 😀

  2. LOL says:

    You can ask for a no salt fries, then you grab the salt that’s placed near the straws (if that branch doesn’t have it just bring your own) and put it yourself. 😀

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