marina beach chennai india

Marina Beach, Chennai

When I say a “hot spot” I mean literally and metaphorically. Marina Beach in Chennai is the largest beach in the world and the longest urban beach in India. When I visited Chennai last month, my first stop was Marina Beach, and it was not a good idea since it was in the middle of the day. Marina Beach is literally a hot spot during that time of the  day, though it is still a favorite place to do nothing by the locals.

marina beach chennai india marina beach chennai india

Marina Beach in Chennai

I was thinking that if Chennai would have a cooler temperature, Marina Beach would be a perfect venue for the beach volley competition for its widest beach that it may even be a perfect spot for the world beach volley competition. But until then, Marina Beach remains the favorite night spot of the locals and tourists to spend time after the sun comes down and air cools.

person-drowned-marinabeach-chennai person-drowned-marinabeach-chennai

People saved a man who nearly drowned at the Marina Beach

While I was at the Marina Beach, the scorching heat was not an obstacle for some locals to sit on the sand nearby the water and for some to dip in it. I even witnessed a guy who almost drowned as he couldn’t able to swim back ashore. Luckily, some of the men tried to reach him and was able to recover him back. Marina Beach does not have lifeguards, unlike Goa where every beach has one or two posts. When they recovered the man, he was unconscious that they have to carry him. I didn’t go near them as I did not want to add to the throng of people who were just a mere spectator, which I know would make it difficult for that guy to breath. I only utter a silent wish that he would be fine.

marina beach chennai

I came back to Marina beach at night and the experience was a total opposite of what I experienced during the day. The entrance of the beach was full of food stalls that you won’t go hungry and thirsty. The water was pitch-black so I basically saw nothing. The sand was cool that sitting or lying on it would be a perfect thing to do. At night, Marina Beach is a hot spot (this time, I mean metaphorically) to spend a cool evening with some tasty idly and rice puffs.

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4 Comments on Marina Beach in Chennai – A Hot Spot for Beachgoers

  1. I also love to go to beaches. I hope they assign a lifguard on that beach

  2. Recently we too had been to Chennai marina beach, it was damm hot in day time, night time cool breeze makes the visit tolerable.

  3. Vinod says:

    I got a chance to go to Marina Beach once about 16 years ago… a beautiful place..thanks for sharing pics and description..reviving my memories again with a beautiful view around..

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