Meet my baby, Luna, a 2~month old Siberian Husky, that recently rocked my world.

It has been my plan to have a husky as my first dog and I ignored many article advices not to have husky as a first dog. For someone who was afraid of dogs, I got my courage of holding and even taking care of the wolf~like dog when I met Maksim, a one~year old husky of a friend, which stayed in my place for 2 days.


            Maksim, a one~year old. Siberian Husky

The next day after returning Maksim, I have my very own husky puppy. Luna, which means moon, is a very cute ball of fur puppy. Her eyes are blue and fur is black and white. She’s very active during her play time but also quiet and sleeps a lot most of the day. She’s now quite famous in my neighborhood, everyone asks for her name whenever they see her.

Since her arrival, I wake up early and sleep early too. She keeps me busy and entertained at the same time.

She brings energy in the house. It’s great to see her grow everyday.

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