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I was one of the lucky ones to be invited by Ginger Claps in the experience event presented by PoshVine, with Four Seasons Wine hosted by Chef Gautam Chaudhry and Chef Sumeet Priyadarshi, the Love, Cook, Learn last February 9th at The Pink Poppodam, Hotel Ista.

four seasons love cook learn four seasons wines

The Four Seasons Wine Love, Cook, Learn experience was a bouquet of masterclasses, five-star style by The Pink Poppodam’s Executive Chef Gautam and Chef Sumeet, where we were taught how to cook an entree, a main, and a dessert while sipping a glass of Four Seasons Blush, and was followed by a lunch where we tasted the dishes presented in the masterclass, paired by three different Four Seasons Wines. After the sumptuous meal, a complimentary bottle of Four Seasons wine was given to each of us.

When I arrived at The Pink Poppodam restaurant, which is on the 4th floor of Ista Hotel in M.G. Road, most of the participants were already waiting. After a few minutes of chatting with them, I found out that all of us were bloggers, and it was exciting to know that we all have the same passion, blogging and food. After some time, Exec. Chef Gautam Chaudhry welcomed us and introduced Chef Sumeet Priyadarshi, who gave us cooking masterclass. It was very interesting and educational. We were able to ask tons of questions to the chef as he patiently answered each of our questions. The masterclass was interactive too as some of us were given the chance to help the chef preparing the demo dish. We were also given a printed recipe of each dish for us to try at home.


the pink poppodam ista hotel chef gautam - chef sumeet

The first dish that Chef Sumeet showed and prepared was the Ricotta Kebab on a bed of Zucchini Carpaccio. It was really good to see the preparation of a 5-star dish using all ingredients which can be bought in the local store and a dish that can be possibly made at home. After the Ricotta Kebab was done and presented beautifully, all of us became busy taking the photo of it to capture the exquisite presentation before we devoured the three delicate kebabs.

Ricotta kebab on a bed of zucchini carpacchio Seafood hot pot Rice Phirni with Strawberry

The main course was the Seafood Hot Pot, which has a rich, creamy sauce and a variety of seafood. While Chef Sumeet was showing us how to prepare Seafood Hot Pot, we were also busy trying out kodumpuli and lotus stem, which we were not very familiar with. I think the Seafood Hot Pot is easy and I can easily try it at home, maybe this weekend perhaps. Just like the entree, once the Seafood Hot Pot was done and beautifully garnished, it was photographed at least fifty times, and was again devoured.

The last dish that Chef Sumeet showed us was a dessert, Rice Phirni with Rose Infused Strawberries, a fast and easy dessert to make. I love it and it was very beautiful.

After the masterclass, we were seated for a lunch where we tasted all the dishes that were presented during the masterclass. Each dish was paired with a Four Seasons Wine. For our starters, we had Ricotta Kebab on a bed of Zucchini Carpaccio paired with Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc. For main, we were served with Seafood Hot Pot with steamed rice paired with Four Seasons Chenin Blanc. And lastly, for dessert, Rose Syrup infused Strawberry Phirni paired with Four Seasons Blush.

the pink poppodam - ricotta kebab Seafood Hot Pot paired with Four Seasons Chenin Blanc

Rose Syrup infused Strawberry Phirni paired with Four Seasons Blush four seasons wines

In between our meals, I got an opportunity to interact with my fellow bloggers and learn more about them and their blogs. Then a representative from Four Seasons Wines chatted with us where we were able to ask questions about wines. The service was really good and the staffs very attentive. Chefs Sumeet and John visited our table during the meal to ask if we enjoyed it. And before we say goodbye to Mithila, the beautiful event coordinator from PoshVine, the chefs of The Pink Poppodam, and to the participants, a complimentary bottle of Four Seasons Blush was given to each of us.

Overall, I can say that I enjoyed my Saturday afternoon and it was a day well-spent, thanks to GingerClaps, PoshVine, Four Seasons Wines, and Hotel Ista.

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