Because of a stressful environment in office, everyone come home with a sorrow look on their face and forget how to smile or laugh. This is the dealing cause of depression and many other illnesses; it is believed that laughter is the best cure for this situation, and I believe so too.

bdce-ashwin-matthewThere is one man named, Ashwin Matthews, a talented Indian comedian from Bangalore, who is up for job of making you laugh senseless that you’ll forget all the stress you have. He is known across the globe for his simple yet effective comic sense and had performed in many shows bringing laughter to eager audience, just like the Black Dog easy evenings and comedy nights. Matthews is known for his simple style of comedy where is considered the seemly boring situation of a commonblack dog triple gold reserve man and turns it into a witty mixture of comedy and genius. He likes to minic the different facets of India by capturing the accents of Malayalee, Tamilians and of course, Bangaloreans. His uncanny ability to create a line out of thin air is most appreciated. His stand-up comedy is refreshing and very new because of the quick presence of mind. Because of his talent he was mostly revered by the Bangaloreans who didn’t know that such a talent was amidst them. They can’t be blamed since he looks just like a next-door-guy. But his talent is undoubtedly unique and perfect; because of his unique ability he was casted as a Malayalee Headmaster in the movie English Vinglish, which stars the most celebrated Sridevi.

Now, what a better way to laugh than to laugh while sipping a good drink on a good night, perhaps a glass of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve will complement the tinkling of the giggles and laughs as one sips the triple matured and truly refined golden liquor. On an easy evening spent, a combination of good laugh compliments of Ashwin Matthews and smooth drink from Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve are definitely a good stress buster.

Disclaimer: The content of this post is intended for readers 25 years old and above.

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