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When you say jazz, the name Kenny G will always come up. Kenny G, a phenomenally renowned instrumentalist known for adult contemporary and smooth jazz saxophonist  and has been my favorite. I always listen to his music specially when driving at night from a good night out with friends or when going for a long drive on an out of town trip, or just on some time relaxing on the balcony while sipping a glass of scotch on the rocks, with Black Dog of course.

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Last October, Kenny G serenaded India in Black Dog Easy Evenings event  when he tours India. The UB City in Bangalore fell trance to the mesmerizing melody from saxophone that was being played by Kenny G. For more than 10 minutes, the crowd just got lost in their thoughts and  stared on the guy on stage as if enchanted by the melody they heard. This is exactly what happens to me whenever I listen to Kenny G’s music. It is so soothing and relaxing that you will forget and problems and worries you have at the moment. It is the kind of music that relaxes your body and mind. The kind of music that will put you in sleep and make you dream a beautiful dream. Lucky were the ones who hear him playing live. Lucky the ones who were invited to Black Dog Easy Evenings.


11Since Black Dog has been celebrating its 130 years, Easy Evenings events have been constantly graced by performers around the world. Audiences were treated to world class entertainment. And not only entertainment, audiences were also treated with good food and fine drinks, just like the Black Dog Scotch with its different variants, Black Dog Quintessence, Black dog Reserve, Black Dog  Deluxe, and Black Dog Centenary.

So, an evening, specially a weekend evening with Kenny G serenading you while you comfortably sitting and sipping an scotch is definitely a good evening to spend with.

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