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After a long time of trying to make to Indiblogger’s meet, I finally made it, and my first bloggers meet was the Nokia Apptasting Bloggers Meet where mobile apps and food met. Rajiv Makhni , the techie and a well-known host of techie tv shows, and Chef Vikas Khanna, the foodie, actually, the famed host of Masterchef India, were in the meet which were attended by bloggers from Bangalore through Indiblogger.

During the meet, there were games where prizes such as Nokia phones and accessories were given. Then the contestants were divided into foodie and techie and had some more games, and of course more prizes. Different mobile applications were also presented such as food and wine pairing, establishment locator, and the breathalyzer, which can detect how drunk a person can be. The bloggers were served with drinks and hors d’oeuvre during the program, and then a buffet dinner afterwards.

At the end of the meet, I was tipsy, full, with an Indiblogger t-shirt in hand and an experience of bloggers meet. I think it was a time well-spent of my Sunday night.

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