Last time, I blog about the hookah I bought from Israel. I already used it several times this week. This was my first time to prepare hookah by myself since before when I smoke hookah, those were from hookah shops and restaurants in Goa so they were prepared by the staff. Although I basically know how to prepare hookah, I still did some research about it before I enjoyed my first few puffs.

Now, I will share on how to prepare hookah for smoking. I took pictures of the step-by-step preparation of hookah to make it easier:

1. These are disassembled hookah: glass base, stem, plate, clay bowl, and hose (partly shown). Fill the three-fourth part of the glass base with water.

2. For smoking, we need flavored tobacco, hookah charcoal, and aluminum foil. Do not use regular charcoal as it may cause poisoning.

3. Assemble the hookah in this way. Be careful not to break the glass or spill the water. Make sure that the rubber of the stem is fitted properly to the glass base.

4. Put enough tobacco in the clay bowl. Do no overload and press.

5. Cover the clay bowl with aluminum foil, and with a toothpick, prick holes on the foil until it will look like the one in the picture.

6. Heat the charcoals on fire until it is red, then put them on top of the clay bowl. (It wasn’t red in the picture as the fire wasn’t lit up much, only at the bottom.)

7. Now, the hookah is ready.


Reminder: Tobacco is not good for health. Smoke with caution.

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  1. mohan says:

    gud one…

  2. Take the tobacco (sprinkle it into the bowl. Be sure to not pack it too low to the rim, nor too high. It is important to take care when loading the hookah bowl to ensure that you do not overflow the bowl. If the Shisha is too close to the top, when the coal is applied it will burn the Shisha directly causing an unpleasant smoke. Be sure to not pack the Shisha into the bowl too tightly — This will restrict airflow.

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