While visiting other blogs, I saw several posts about the famous Ipad game, Angry Birds. According to those posts, you do not need to own an Ipad or Iphone to play Angry Birds because it is available now in Chrome.

So, I immediately open chrome.angrybirds.com and was excited to see that it really loaded. The look-and-feel is really good, no ads, and no downloads, just open the link and the game will open, though you need to wait for sometime while it’s loading.

So, after a minute or two, the game has finally loaded and I was excited to slingshot those little birds to the pig’s pen. I was having fun for sometime until I reached higher levels that I constantly failing to reach the target. I started to feel irritated and frustrated, specially when I have to retry one level for like 6 times with out success. After I finally crossed that level, I decided to stop because Angry Birds is just making me angry!


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8 Comments on Getting angry at Angry Birds

  1. TravelMan says:

    It means Angry Birds game live to its expectation because it made you angry.

    next time, don’t be pressured on reaching the next level. just have fun!

  2. Like TravelMan says, just have fun. I’m up to level 3-5. If I try and try and can’t get farther, I put it away and do something else.

    However, can I be angry at you? 😀 If it wasn’t for reading this post, I wouldn’t have known about Angry Birds online and now my kids keep yelling “Hit the pigs, Mommy! Hit the pigs!”

  3. BlogGirl says:

    Wew another game, I just hope it’s also available in Personal computers coz i don’t have an ipad ;))

  4. Photo Booth says:

    The game Angry Birds is really addicting from iPod Touch to iPhone to iPad to PC and now to Google Chrome!

  5. visjuh says:

    best game ever!, love angry birds

  6. chicsassymom says:

    Yup! It makes me angry too ;D Although I’m playing with he angry birds rio on ipad. Sometimes I think my 5 year old son is better than me, so I make a career of finishing the level. So frustrating if I have to repeat it a lot of times.

  7. I am having so much Fun with this game.. not making me angry lah.. 🙂

  8. The game Angry Birds is really addicting to PC and now to Flash with clone!

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