From time to time, when stress come upon me, a visit to Fun City is worthwhile since it is colorful, lively, and full of joyous laughters. In Koramangala, Fun City is on the 4th floor of Salarpuria building, that’s the same building that housed Lifestyle and Spar. Fun City is just next to the food court, as soon as you reached the floor through escalator, so you won’t miss it.

Fun City has good joy rides and games. My favorite is basketball and the “hammer”, forgot what it is called but something like a hammer, you need to hit it as hard as possible. Another favorite of mine and a sure ticket giver is the gorilla-electricity-thing, this really test your capacity to handle electric shocks. They also have play house for the kids.  Some people play for tickets while others for the sake of game, for me it’s usually to just pass the time and relieve stress.

Here’s are some games  in Fun City, make sure you don’t forget your game card when you visit 🙂

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