Last weekend was a long weekend since there were non-working holidays, though I must rejoice with this long weekend, it was an unbearable one since the summer heat is really scorching. I was like feverish, and I pity my dogs since they too feel the same, specially Luna, the husky, she’s really suffering this summer, to the point that she moves less during the day, and also has already shed all her undercoat fur.

So, to escape the unbearable heat of the city, I decided to check places that are pet-friendly and cool too. My first plan was to visit Coorg, unfortunately, I was too late to book for a place to stay. All the homestays I emailed were all fully-booked. I decided to look nearby, and found Talakadu Picnic Ground. It is just a 3-hour drive via Nice Road and the roads are all recently repaired so there were no bad roads at all. We spent Thursday and Sunday in Talakadu river and Luna and Luci, the lab, really had a great time swimming, digging in the sand, catching insects, eating grass, and just cooling off.

talakadu-river-picnic-ground-karnataka01 talakadu-river-picnic-ground-karnataka03 talakadu-river-picnic-ground-karnataka04 talakadu-river-picnic-ground-karnataka06

The river had many swimmers like us who were also trying to cool off from the heat. It was crowded but still with some place to stay shaded. The picnic ground has a big shaded area where sitting place are shaded by the big trees. It also has a vast sandy place which is great for playing ball games after the sun goes down. There are some trees nearby the river but only so few that it’s usually occupied. On the second day we went there, we were early so we’re lucky to get a shade nearby the river. The family who was staying next to us were kind too and wasn’t bother that we have dogs with us.

talakadu-river-luna-luci08 talakadu-river-luna-luci11 talakadu-river-luna-luci05 talakadu-river-luna-luci13

Swimming with pets in a public water is still not very common, though many were excited to see dogs swimming, but still there will be some individuals who take offence of having dogs swimming in the same water they are bathing. I had one man who approached me and told me that I should not take dogs in the river, though I just ignored him and chose not to be bothered by anyone as long as we also don’t bother them.

Overall, we had fun in Talakadu Picnic Ground and are planning to visit soon this summer. I am sure that Luna and Luci had fun too and are looking forward to another visit again.

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