For every one of us, there comes a time that we #StartANewLife, take that bold step in life which is the impetus of the changes in our adult life and the determiner of the kind of life we live now. For some it’s as early as after college graduation and for others as late as after their fathers kicked them out of their doors, but the result is the same, we step out in the world full of excitement and fear. Excited of what the world and future offer, and afraid of what the world and future put up. However, for whatever its worth, we thread that path and continue until we learn to survive and eventually thrive.

In my case, I was among those who learned to discover the world at an early age. As soon as I finish college, I grabbed the opportunity to practice my trade away from my hometown. At first, the intention was to be a transient, but of course life doesn’t always give you what you want. My plan of going back home and to permanently stay there after a couple of years was until now, a plan. Unfortunately, work opportunities in my native place were scarce, so up to now, although I miss it terribly, going back home is only for short stays and holidays.

While I miss my native place, my adoptive city has been very good to me. It is the place where I grew personally, professionally, and morally. Like any other places, there are bad things here, like heavy traffic and ridiculously high prices of commodities, but the good trumps the bad: the locals are tolerant, economy is good, and weather is the best. I was lucky to have chosen the good city to start a new life. For someone fresh out of college, it would have been scary to stay alone in a city unknown to me. But the good thing of starting out a new chapter of life was the anticipation of what happens next, since it was always new and unknown, there’s always this kind of mixed feelings of highs and lows. Every day was always an exciting day! From choosing my first independent rental house, meeting my new neighbours, buying my first gas stove, cooking my first complete meal, inviting new colleagues for a dinner at home, or roaming around the city, bargain-hunting for my furniture, there had always been something new that came up. I liked how starting a new life brought many adventures, it was actually the start of much more adventures that I had.

I’ve been living in the same city for more than a decade now, and also rented several houses, but every time, it was always in a good neighborhood. Choosing a place to live is not easy; there are many things to be considered before finalizing a rental, much more a purchase. I was lucky that the places I rented were constantly well, even the plots I bought are good too.

#StartANewLife looks to be scary but with determination and courage, it’s actually quite exciting, so go ahead, don’t be a scaredy cat, #lookup to it.

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