In my recent trip to Jerusalem, I did not miss the chance to visit and swim in the Dead Sea. Last time, I was not able to go there so this time I made it sure that I won’t miss the chance.

These are the stones in the dead sea, so much salt residues are left on the stones that make them rough.

Lots of people are swimming, err.. rather floating.

As you know, Dead Sea is called “dead” sea because of so much salt content of the water that there is no fish living there. Well, that’s what I know, I have to research that later hehehe… So, I dipped in the Dead Sea, I cannot say that I swim, because I don’t know how to hahaha… It was a really an awesome experience. They say that you will not drown in the dead sea because you’ll float? That is true! This is the only sea that I was not afraid of 😀 This is one in my bucket list, and now it’s checked!

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