hummus When I visited Israel few years ago, one of the things I liked there was the hummus. Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made of chickpeas. Since I tasted hummus, I tried to search for this dip here in India. One time I tried an Israeli restaurant here in Bangalore but I did not like the hummus so much. The taste was quite different to the one I had in Israel. My love for hummus is revived with my recent trip to Jerusalem. I had hummus most of the time especially in the apartment. It has been part of my meals.

Now that I’m back to India, I am craving for good hummus again. Before leaving Israel, I made sure to ask some of the people there how to make hummus. Although I know that I can find this recipe on the internet, I still want a first-hand information from the people who make hummus. From what I learned, the ingredients are pretty much available in India, however the olive oil is quite expensive here.

I decided to make my own hummus when I get free time. For now, I will just reminisce the taste of hummus on pita bread.

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