Samsung Galaxy Tab Live Webcast Here last Aug.10 

As I said in my previous post, Samsung was cooking something new and something hot, and I was not wrong. Yesterday, Samsung has released the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 with the best features you could imagine in the tablet. The occasion was attended by reporters from different media outlets and it was streamed live online too which I was lucky to watch as it happened.

New Samsung Galaxy Tab 750  photos from Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 brought up the tablet competition to a new level with cooler design, multitask performance, and latest technology, using the latest Android technology. It is now the thinnest and lightest large screen tablet available in the market with 10.1″ high definition display. It also got better in everything: better communication with social hub, better office with Polaris office, better reading and music, and better multimedia and imaging.

What excite me most with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is the Mini Apps which will be very useful for my daily activities. Commonly used features like clock, calendar, calculator, task managers will open as a pop up, so no need to close the main display to access the Mini Apps. It think it’s so handy.

Another cool feature that I think will be really useful for me is the web browsing. With Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is without limitations and the speed is better too. So, I can easily access any websites, any where I go. It’s online on the go!

The last thing that I like with Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is that I can use it as a desktop pc with its desktop dock accessories.

Though some features of the Galaxy Tab 750 are subject to change when introduced in India, I think if I own this new Galaxy Tab 750 would give me more time other things to do and perform better, anywhere I go.


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9 Comments on Better Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

  1. That new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is so cool. I’m still wondering if having one like that is for me. How much is the price?

    • Amartya says:

      Yes,it’s good.Specially they have made battery capacity almost double than the old one.It’s approximately 36 thousand Indian Rupees,800 USD.I think they haven’t declared the price till now.

  2. Crib says:

    i wish to have this cool gadget. like the features!

  3. Amartya says:

    You definitely gave a different viewpoint

  4. Amartya says:

    thank you, good luck to you too 🙂

  5. Cool thing, but I never have a need to buy tablet… my smartphone is enough for me 🙂

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