TOI-Indiblogger Bangalore for Women event

TOI-Indiblogger Bangalore for Women event

I’ve just attended an event  organized by Times of India and Indiblogger where bloggers were able to discuss issues affecting safety of women in Bangalore, in TOI office in MG Road. The Times of India’s Bangalore for Women initiative highlights the city’s duty towards its female citizens, however, Indiblogger’s Indichange is a collective effort of bloggers to bring change to the country through blogging.

In this event, which was attended by both women and men bloggers, editors from TOI discussed the workshops and campaign they held to empower women of Bangalore. Bloggers, not only women but men too, shared first-hand experiences related to women’s and handicapped people’s compromised safety.

Among the issue discussed  was the cause of the different treatment of women in the society, and one of the reasons mentioned was the way women dress. A blogger pointed out that women nowadays dress in a way that show a lot of skin and as a result, provoke sexual attacks, however another blogger contradicted this saying that whenever she wears burqa, a cloth that covers a woman from head to ankle, she experiences more teasing.  Many also expressed that even if the woman is dressed in Western style, it must not serve the license to tease nor sexually harass her. It is a man’s morality that dictates that he does not hurt anybody, and if he still chooses to do so, then it only means that he does not have morality, and that his parents failed to teach him.

When a blogger from the event said that her friend had told her that she’s lucky to be able to wear sleeveless clothes while she couldn’t since her brother does not allowed her, it came to my mind that the brother wanted only to protect her as he knows the danger his sister may face by wearing sleeveless. He knows because he may have the mindset that if a woman dresses showing some skin, then she’s asking for trouble, or he may not have that intention but he knows that his friends think that way.

It is a shame that men in India, not only in Bangalore, are easily sexually provoked by showing your arms or legs, or waist. How easily aroused Indian men can be? In other countries, these people are called “pervert”, should we call our men the same too? Oh, no, no need for that, because right now, people around the world call India as the “rape capital of the world”, so I guess “pervert” is so subtle word.

I hope that Times of India, Indiblogger, and bloggers will be able to help change this issue and will be able to make Bangalore a safer place for women. For now, I’ll try to change by posting one blog at a time.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the photo. I know I missed a great event, I had another session with Times of India in Hotel Royal Orchid so I had to learn early.
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