On a trip to the river recently, I remembered a friend who attempted to teach me how to fish, though he was unsuccessful, as I was neither a good student nor a patient man. It was a long weekend one summer when we decided to go for a trip in a nearby cauvery fishing camp just outside the city. It was a first for me but an unforgettable one. The fishing method I was introduced to was angling. I was new to this as all I know with fishing was using the fishing nets as I’d seen on television. Though I wasn’t lucky to bait a fish, I was thankful to be introduced to angling and to have tried it.

talakadu-river-picnic-ground-karnataka03Angling is a method of fishing, in which you have ‘angle’ your fishing line to attract the fish. It has a hobby for over hundred years. In the past, it was most favorable hobby for the rich which helped them relax as well as catch some of the big fish in the river. During the weekends, a group of friends would go to the nearest fishing pond and wait for their big catch to find its way to the bait, which was usually an insect or a worm, only to take home their day’s catch.

black dog triple gold reserveOn that fishing trip my friend and I took, we weren’t able to catch a good fish, but we were still subjected to the feast of grilled and fried fish compliment of the camp. We spent the night enjoying the fresh taste of smoky and spicy fish while sitting on next to the campfire, sipping scotch, Black Dog Scotch to be exact, a fine scotch which name was based on the fishing fly, “black dog”.

I think it’s time to reconnect with that friend and invite him for another fishing attempt, and this time a bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process, would be a good accompaniment if ever we’ll be ever lucky to bait a catch. This time, I’ll try to be more patient, anyways, angling is a good way to unwind and forget the city’s trouble even for a weekend.

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