A couple of weeks ago, I went to Calcutta once due to some personal work.  As soon as the plane touched the airport, I hurried to my hotel and immediately refreshed myself and went for some light snacks. While munching on my snacks, I checked my email and gave a small glanced to my Facebook account and was surprise to see that my old Irish friend was also in Calcutta. It has been a long time since I last saw him. It’s been years since he last visit India and every time he comes to India, he never misses his favourite city Calcutta,at least once he has to visit Calcutta, fortunately I was there  too! So, I pinged him and ask him to join me in the hotel, and as usual, he’s been busy that I had to tempt him by telling him that “Scotch” is waiting for him. LOL


I met him in the evening at the place I know he’d like, the hotel bar, and oh, boy, just as usual, they have an excellent collection of drinks. The ambience in the bar was pretty good and the food was delicious but somehow my old friend and I seemed to feel awkward to each other. I think it was because after so many years without seeing each other and with no communication too (though we’re “friends” on Facebook, we never really get the chance to chat), so the conversation was quite amiss, but then I realised at last that the real bottle opener of the past is a good drink. So, I told him that the night must start with a good toast, and of course he agreed, and for that he said, that I must try his favourite, the Black Dog Scotch. I replied that it has become my favourite too since I first try it, so with that, we were settled and the real conversation began.


a Black Dog Mint Julep

3Now that I’m back to Bangalore, I still remember that evening we spent reminiscing the travels, jokes, and adventures we had years ago, over the bottle of Black Dog, the finest flavour of scotch always tickles the memories of the past. After the few sips of the exotic flavour of Black Dog, it seems the whole surroundings changed, the music sounded sweeter as the silky tones of the scotch starts dancing in my tongue. We discussed so many things like how the city didn’t change, the technology today, the arts, the time when we didn’t have money in the pocket to drink in a 5-star bar but still able to manage to get drunk.

As we parted that evening, we promised to meet again in the near future, for his another visit to India, and perhaps for my visit to his country, but one thing is for sure, the next time we meet again, there will be many stories to tell and Black Dog Scotch to drink.

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