Visiting my brother in Hyderabad gave me an opportunity to spend a weekend afternoon in a historical Golconda Fort. It was a fifteen-minute drive from my brother’s place so we decided to go there after lunch to avoid the scorching heat.

Even having been to Hyderabad for a couple of times, it’s been my first time to visit Golconda Fort. From a Telugu word, Golla Konda, that means a Shepherd’s Hill, it is dated as far as 1800’s A.D. Golconda Fort has 8 entrance gates and a moat which made it impregnable. Aside from that, it also housed armories, granaries, reservoirs, mosques, a well-planned township, and an amazing water supply system.

hyderabad-golconda-stonetablet hyderabad-golconda-map

Hyderabad’s Golconda Fort Stone Tablet and Map

 At the foot of the hill, there is a dome which acts as the “message center”. When a person claps at the center of the dome, it will be heard on the top of the hill. So when you visit Golconda, don’t forget to try it out. Aside from the entrance dome, there is also a vast garden where you can sit and picnic, it’s a good place to wait for the heat to subsides.

hyderabad-golconda-fortgate hyderabad-golconda

Golconda Fort’s gate and at the foot of the hill

And if you’re up for a small hike, it’s always better to check the hill and feast on the view. Below are some of the pictures I took while on top.

hyderabad-golconda-view04 hyderabad-golconda-view03 hyderabad-golconda-view02 hyderabad-golconda-view01

View from the top of the hill

 If you are planning to visit Golconda Fort, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes for hiking the hill, a bottle of water and some snacks, and a handkerchief, for sure you’ll be all sweaty after you reach the top. I advise that older people with difficulty walking must stay not take the hike as the hill is really quite high as well as for people who have fear of heights. I remember a kid who was hugging his mother’s leg all though out the hike as he cries, I bet he’ll never come back to Golconda Fort for sure :p There are still some artifacts that are currently being dug, so I plan of going back next time that I visit my brother again.

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    I had once visited this place during my childhood days. Nice work

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