When I say that Amazon has come to India, I’m not referring to the Amazon forest in Brazil, but to Amazon.com which is a US-based online shopping site, and has now realized that Indian online shoppers are on the rise. Just look at the India-based online shopping sites that sprouted nowadays like mushrooms as the evidence. Junglee.com is the answer of Amazon for Indian online shoppers. It has come live yesterday and the site is still just listing products from other shopping sites. Hopefully, they will be able to bring and list items offered in US-based Amazon to India.

Last year, I was thinking of buying an e-reader, specially the Kindle, but it was the shipping cost and some US-based features of the Kindle that put me off. So, with Amazon opening its market to India, they may be able to localize the offers and features of their products too. Well, that still remains to be seen.

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