When visiting Bethlehem, you will not go back home without these wood souviners. Most common woodcraft souviners are statue of Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph. So, the best place to buy these souviners is to go directly where these are made.

I was lucky to squeeze time to be able to visit a wood craft factory in Bethlehem. I saw how these talented men create beautiful figurines out of wood. There were many figurines to choose from and they are just really amazing.

 Men working in the factory, making really beautiful woodcarvings.

 Some of the finish products.

 A stall full of finished figurines

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3 Comments on A Visit to Bethlehem Woodcraft Factory

  1. Thanks for share their hard work.I think you are lucky enough to have a visit with their own workshop,these men are really great and I will love to see those small industries are growing day by day.Anyway thanks for linking bro.

  2. Deepak Yadav says:

    wow the pictures are really awesome…

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