Optimism is not my cup of tea, I rarely look optimistic because I do not want to be disappointed when things fail. I know many people who are optimistic in life and LOOK UP to every situation with a positive perception. Although I know that having a positive outlook in life can really be a good value to have, I sometimes just can’t help to be cautious and excuse myself from disappointment. However, though rarely I become optimistic, there was this one time that my being optimistic really helped me achieve what I have now.

I was not very good at school, partly because of my love for sleeping and partly because of my teachers’ impatience. After class 12, I didn’t know which college I’d go to, not because I had had many choices but because of the lack thereof. My parents were worried of my future, our neighbours talked badly of me, my relatives looked down at me, and I was not very proud of myself either. Then lady luck knocked, I was admitted in an engineering college, but it was too far from home. I was never away from home, never separated from my parents, specially from my mom. I was scared and apprehensive. The college was two days journey by train, which meant I couldn’t just go back home any time I would want to. It would also mean that I would have to stay in a hostel or a housing nearby the college. Aside from being away from my family, I was worried too of myself. In my whole life, my mom was constantly taking care of my needs and my dad was always checking up on me. Without them, I didn’t know whether I would be able to fend for myself. With all those concerns that troubled my young mind, I left home and boarded the train off to college.

When I reached my hostel, many students, some were freshmen like me, some were seniors, were already busy checking their rooms and chit-chatting. Like a lost puppy in a dog pen, I was ushered to my room. After finding my room, I sat for hours, trying to grasp everything: the new environment, new people, and my family at home. It was a dizzying moment, and a sad one too. However, despite all the chaos outside my room, at that moment, I had willed myself to focus and aim for one thing, the reason why I came to that place, the same reason why I left home, and that was to get an education, a degree. A piece of paper that I could bring back home and make my parents proud of me, make my neighbours shut their mouths, and my relatives green with envy. It was that moment that I looked at my situation with optimism. Even when the room was small or the food served was tasteless, I had always looked forward to the day that I finished college. With this optimism, college days seemed shorter, and before I knew it, I was on my way back home. However, my homecoming was short as I immediately landed a job, again in a place far  from home. After having to work for many years, I had looked up for a place where I plan to build a home just like the one my parents had, and I finally found one. This time, I’ll be optimistic again that in no time I’ll have my own home.

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