I was all-praise to the new French Loaf that recently opened nearby my place last time in a post yesterday in my food blog, but today, when I visited the store to eat something, I was disappointed with what I bought.

I ordered a chicken croissant and a chicken delight. I was quite hungry and was expecting that these two breads will suffice my hunger, but to my disappoint, the chicken delight which I expect to have ┬áchicken on it, really have chicken but few bits of chicken which I couldn’t taste at all!

At least the croissant has a modest chicken filling which save the French Loaf manager from me complaining. Another disappointment was the plain roacher. I liked the plain roacher that I bought last time so I decided to buy another bag of it, but what I get was several pieces of white, heavy meringue with no taste.

I think this new branch of French Loaf in HSR Layout is lacking with product quality consistency. Attention please.. keep the quality of your bread and pastry the same and much better than what I had today!


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  2. will follow your advice….

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