I’ve blogged several times about my dogs, a husky and a labrador, but last weekend, I got another dog, the Black Dog, a world-famous Scotch Whisky named after a flying fish (surprisingly not a dog hehe..) by Sir Walter Millard, a Scot who was an extensive traveler and whisky connoisseur. Thanks to Akshay from Ginger Claps, who handed (literally :p) me a bottle of Black Dog to review, my weekend night cap was indulged in the sweet, smooth, really smoooth, with a little kick of amber-coloured drink that’s fit for a man, the Black Dog Centenary.


 Black Dog’s color compliments my table, right?

Black Dog Centenary is a subtle variant of Black Dog Scotch whisky, aged for twelve years and is a rich and rare premium blended Scotch whisky loaded with exceptional characters. t is blended to perfection with a multitude of malt spirits chosen from the various regions of Scotland.

Black Dog Centenary has a honey-like color with golden highlights. The aroma is of matured wood, toasted malt, mild honey sweetness, delicate butterscotch bordering on cream, with floral nuances that emerge at the end. The robust body, pronounced rich malt and oak and sherry sweetness are overwhelming to the palate. It has a balanced, long, intense, and bright finish.

A 750 ml. bottle of Black Dog Centenary costs Rs.1250.


hoping these little cubes won’t get drunk :p

When it comes to drink, I’m experimental, sometimes concocting my own versions of cocktail, however, with Black Dog Scotch Whisky, I decided to taste it in its raw form, only accompanied by cubes of ice in a short, fat glass. Since Black Dog is known worldwide as a premium whisky, my expectation was high and I was not let down, it was suave and the taste gratifying specially after a hectic week . I was not a whisky drinker, and when I buy a bottle, I usually go for vodka, rum, or wine, however next time, I’m sure that I’ll be adding Black Dog Scotch Whisky to my list of preferred drinks.

Cheers! Just drink responsibly, guys!  🙂


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