deartz on December 30th, 2016

A Christmas day in Bangalore for me means visiting shopping malls around the area where I live, so when I got an invite for a Tata #HexaExperience I thought why not change the routine and drive a little bit and check out the new Tata car. So with the wife and son in tow, we drove to White Orchids in Hebbal where the promise of driving the Hextraordinary and a sunny Christmas day awaits.

The Event

hexa bangalore

When we arrived in the venue, we were met with a huge off-track course where a number of cars were already somersaulting to much of our delight. The convention hall was dimmed with a shade of blue and was lined with kiosks and booths offering different products from Tata, from tea to jewelry, and also fun activities for kids. There were also food stalls for the hungry visitors, and a not to miss pet adoption booth for dogs, CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre), where we met Luci, a namesake with our own furkid. There was also a live band playing a really good music for those who were resting after a tiring tour of the place. And in the middle of all these, a very much handsome looking blue color Tata Hexa stood, with all doors and bonnet opened, for all eyes to see and inspect.

hexa bangalore

The Car

The reason for this Tata Motors event was displayed at the center of the convention hall, the Tata Hexa, which is deemed to be power packed, feature loaded, and adrenaline pumped.

Power Packed. It has 2.2-litre Varicor diesel engine with either 150PS/320Nm or 156PS/400Nm on tap. The first is available with a 5-speed manual and the latter has a 6-speed manual as well as a 6-speed automatic.

tata hexa

Feature loaded. It is fully loaded with high-end features like projector headlamps, fog lamps with a DRL strip above, 19-inch alloy wheels with 235/55 section Wandered tyres which are designed by MRF specifically for the Hexa, LED tail lamps, a 10-speaker JBL audio system, rear camera and 4 parking sensors. Wing mirrors are integrated with blinkers and are electrically foldable.
tata hexa

The interior is, in my opinion, the best yet in a Tata car. It has an all-black interiors, smoked chrome, brushed aluminum and piano black inserts in different places on the dashboard. The dashboard is big and wide which is all functional and has a very good over-all fit and finish. The big windows give the interior a bright and spacious feel. The driver and passenger seats have lumbar support lever adjustments which are very useful, for me as the driver who spent a good amount of rupees buying several pairs of lumbar support pillows which do not do the job, and for the wife :D, and in 6-seater, the middle seats get lumbar support too!

Also there are many of the small important features for passengers like the big water bottles holder – can hold ever 3 1-litre bottles, twin glovebox compartment- with airvent and a lock! , sunglass holder, sunvisors with extenders, illuminated vanity mirror, windows with retractrable sunblinds,  6 airbags, wide leg and knee space both for 2nd and 3rd rows seats.

Adrenaline pumped. The Hexa is powerful enough to ride it off-road for a camping trip, and must I say that a very much suitable car to the potholes-laden roads of Bangalore. Just check out the video below for the proof 🙂

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deartz on July 7th, 2016

One day in a park, a parent approached and asked for my kid’s name and age. After answering her, I asked her the same question and found out that her kid was the same age as mine. Usually, park conversations between parents end with the name and age of the child, however, this time, that parent extended the usual conversation by expressing her unwanted comment about my child’s weight and height. Feeling hurt and unease, I only smiled and moved to another part of the park. Another time, during one of their usual twice-a-year-visit, my in-laws, talking in their local dialect (perhaps intending to spare my feelings), moaned about how their grandchild is so thin, so small. I wanted to defend myself as the parent, but of course, though my pride is wounded, I kept my argument to myself.

It is very disturbing for a parent to be always at the receiving end of unsolicited comments, observations, and advice with regards to his kid, specially when that parent does and gives all he could to make his kid as healthy looking as he can be, but to no avail his child still looks like a year or two younger/smaller than his age. Though for a grownup, looking younger than his age is a good thing but for a child, his physical attributes, height and weight, must equate to his age. There are many parents in the country who share the same anxiety about their children. They’re always looking for ways on how their children catch up on lost growth.

If the child falls behind on growth, it can affect his performance in school, sports, and daily life activities. Once I saw a 9-year old kid who played good basketball, but the only problem was that he never scored. He was good in dribbling the ball from on side of the court to another, and even great in stealing the ball from the opponent’s hand, but when it came to shooting the ball to the ring, his reach was always short, so he would always pass the ball to his teammate to shoot the ball. If only he was a couple inches taller, he would have scored a ton and be the hero if his team, if only. Falling behind on growth also affects the child’s confidence, that’s because his height and weight are always noticed by relatives, friends, and even strangers. Taller and bigger kids are usually dauntless because they are confident that they are capable to do physical activities .

I know that parents with the same trouble like mine continue searching for ways on making their kids catch up on lost growth, that’s based on many internet articles and parenting forums I’ve read and visited. Just like me, it seemed that they also did and give everything they thought would help their kids become taller and bigger, but with no satisfying results.

Recently, Horlicks introduced Horlicks Growth+, a specialized nutrition product for 3-9 year old kids who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It claimed to have been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months.

For a concerned parent like me who only wants to have his child lead a healthy and balanced life, Horlicks Growth+ offers hope, a hope that maybe the next time his grannies visit, instead of grumbling about their grandchild’s weight, they’ll be cheering for him on the hoops.

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